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Product Spotlight: ISA One – Case Study

Product Spotlight: ISA One – Case Study

Whether you’re an artist, engineer or producer, you’ll appreciate the versatility of the ISA One, with its front-panel DI input. The DI includes low/high impedance switching and an amplifier output, and its own feed to the optional A-D converter and separate rear-panel XLR output.

Noted Recording Engineer Nick Mac Chooses Focusrite ISA One Desktop Mic Preamp For His Portable Recording Rig to deliver the tonality and flexibility to which he has become accustomed in the studio.

Please check out the link below for more on this case study

Write, record, and produce with Scarlett 4th Gen

Writing, recording, & producing with Scarlett 4th Gen

A three-part deep dive into making a track from start to finish with the new generation of Focusrite Scarlett. Three talented creators explore the writing, recording, and producing process. Watch to see their unique process and approach to creating music and collaborating.

Chris Buck, KARRA, and In The Mix take a track from start to finish in a
three-part series with the new generation of Focusrite Scarlett interfaces

The award-winning blues rock guitarist and songwriter from Newport, South Wales, Chris Buck is best known for his ‘pick and fingers’ technique.

It’s safe to say that Chris knows a thing or two about guitar as he was the winner of Music Radar’s prestigious ‘Best New Guitarist’ award in 2017. Chris has also been named ‘Best New Guitarist’, ‘Best Blues Guitarist’, and ‘Best Pop Guitarist’ in successive years by the readers of Guitarist Magazine.

Chris kicks off the project with his distinctive guitar stylings. He settles on a chord progression and adds interest to the piece with extra expressive sounds with his guitar.

Acclaimed recording artist, songwriter, and vocal producer, KARRA, is known for her top-selling Splice vocal sample packs, and collaborations with some of the biggest DJs and producers in the industry.

Having amassed over three billion streams and 300,000 fans across her social platforms, KARRA also produces content documenting her creative process, career, and life.

For the second instalment of the video series, KARRA builds on top of Chris’s solid foundation with her own vocals and production style.

The final part of this series is brought to you by the founder of In The Mix Scottish audio engineer, Michael Wynne. In the Mix is the largest community of music makers and audio engineers on YouTube, with over one million followers.

In The Mix helps musicians improve every aspect of their music production with free and easy-to-follow courses, tutorials, and equipment reviews.

Michael adds the final touches for the last part of the series by mixing and mastering the track to finish with a release-ready song.





The Original Remastered.

SOS Awards 2023 announce Clarett+ OctoPre – ‘Best Microphone Preamp’

SOS Awards 2023 - Best Microphone Preamp — Clarett+ OctoPre

SOS Awards 2023 announce Clarett+ OctoPre as 'Best Microphone Preamp'.

We’re extremely proud to announce that the Clarett+ OctoPre has won the prestigious Sound On Sound award for Best Microphone Preamp 2023.

Clarett+ is Focusrite’s range of premium-quality USB audio interfaces and mic preamps for PC and Mac, which build on the strengths of the previous Claret ranges.

From jazz ensembles to heavy metal drums, capture the performer’s vision – with masses of headroom so that you can focus on the session without having to constantly adjust gain staging.

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