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Focusrite: Scarlett 4th Generation is here – The Original Remastered.

Scarlett 4th Gen header

4th Gen is here. The Original Remastered.

We’re incredibly excited to announce the Scarlett 4th Generation product launch. The world’s best-selling audio interface range is taking a giant step forward and stock is about to land in our warehouse. Better audio specs than any interface in its price range, more creative music-making features and easier to use than ever.

SOS Awards 2023 announce Clarett+ OctoPre – ‘Best Microphone Preamp’

SOS Awards 2023 - Best Microphone Preamp — Clarett+ OctoPre

SOS Awards 2023 announce Clarett+ OctoPre as 'Best Microphone Preamp'.

We’re extremely proud to announce that the Clarett+ OctoPre has won the prestigious Sound On Sound award for Best Microphone Preamp 2023.

Clarett+ is Focusrite’s range of premium-quality USB audio interfaces and mic preamps for PC and Mac, which build on the strengths of the previous Claret ranges.

From jazz ensembles to heavy metal drums, capture the performer’s vision – with masses of headroom so that you can focus on the session without having to constantly adjust gain staging.

Focusrite Vocaster Two Review

Focusrite Vocaster Two

The awesome team from 22FIFTY took a closer look at the new Vocaster Two podcast and streaming interface and highlighted some key features. 22FIFTY is a creative space in Cape Town CBD catering to influencers, podcasters and creators. Filled with a diverse community of creative individuals and companies, 22FIFTY provide the right space to collaborate and make things happen. Take a look at their quick overview of the Vocaster Two, showcasing the interface designed and tailored to the podcasting and streaming community.

Focusrite Vocaster Two

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