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For more than half century, Takamine has proudly dedicated itself to the art of fine craftsmanship, placing them amongst the world’s premier acoustic guitar makers. These truly fine instruments are a first choice for many guitarists worldwide.

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Professional Guitar Setup

To professionally setup your Takamine guitar to to your custom specifics and to get your unique sound, contact one of our registered Takamine technicians below.

Fouche Guitars
Grant Fouche
079 857 0779

Cape Town
Fine Tuned Solutions
Andy Dalton
083 309 542

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Warranty and Guitar Care

Keep it Clean

After playing your Takamine guitar, wipe the strings with a dry cloth. Use guitar polish sparingly on the rest of the instrument. 

Use fingerboard conditioner on the fingerboard and bridge a couple of times a year or when the wood looks dry.

Prevent Extreme Humidity

Moderate temperatures and a 40- to 60-percent humidity level are optimal for your guitar.

Environments above or below the optimal temperature and humidity could lead to cracks in the body, lifting bridges and warped necks. It is advised that you use a guitar specific humidifier to control humidity in these cases.

Limited Warranty

Takamine Guitars carry a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturing faults. The assessment, conclusion and decision to repair or replace the guitar sits solely with Rockit Distribution and its authorised Takamine technicians.